Merger creates leading boutique company in M&A transactions in southern Brazil

Zaxo, Enterprise First and Leão Bravo have joined their operations to form ZAXO M&A PARTNERS.

The merger is an important step for the companies to strengthen their leading role in the M&A market, to support other companies in their growth and to strengthen their relationship with stakeholders, investors and the market.

After the merger, the company has consolidated itself as a major independent adviser for transactions of mergers and acquisitions in the southern region of Brazil. With more than 40 years of experience in the market and 75 evaluated operations, valued at approximately BRL 5 billion in deals with financial, strategic or institutional investors, both nationally and internationally. In the portfolio, there are names like Bematech, Sascar, Laborclin, Embratel among others.

The combination of the three businesses reinforces the relevance of the initiative to the mergers and acquisitions market in the south of the country.

ZAXO M&A PARTNERS was created with an already consistent history inherited from the partners, who have great corporate, executive and business experience, offering the market a senior and complementary service, to serve all sectors of the economy, from startups to larger companies. The combined operation starts with 7 partners, with their complementary experiences, in addition to the execution team and the team of associate directors; a total of 12 people.

With an independent scope and with no conflict of interest, ZAXO M&A PARTNERS is a unique Southern Brazilian M&A boutique company, listed at Anbima’s ranking since 2014.

“I have always believed in the strength of M&A movements as a way of valuing companies. This is our work philosophy. And with the creation of ZAXO M&A PARTNERS, we are using this concept to help and serve the market with a wider range of services and a first-rate team,” says Alexandre Freire Nunes, Partner and Board Member.

Furthermore, according to Managing Partner, Leonardo Pansardi Grisotto, “Everyone is so committed to generating value through mergers and acquisitions, that they decided to merge and use the same values in their business: consistency, commitment and competence. We have gathered the attributes of three incredible teams to create one of the most complete M&A boutiques in Brazil”, he says.

“This merger allows us to grow and serve companies of any size, placing us in an optimal position to evaluate mergers and acquisitions sales. In addition, access to an independent network like Pandea Global M&A increases our participation and greatly expands effectiveness for our customers,” says Jefferson Nesello, Managing Partner.

International Association
The boutique company remains the only Brazilian associate in the important global network of Pandea Global M&A. It has a primary focus on the origination and execution of international M&A publications for the middle market. Pandea member companies already do business that exceeds the € 17 billion mark.

ZAXO M&A PARTNERS is an exclusive member of Pandea in Brazil.


Zaxo has been operating in the mergers and acquisitions market since 2012, and has experience of over two decades in carrying out capital transactions, management, restructuring and entrepreneurship with its partners. In addition, its partners have a strong executive background and also operate in the areas of startups, international trade and chemical businesses.

Enterprise First has been operating in the M&A and Management market since 2009, serving SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) and Startups in their management and capitalization challenges. It has already carried out more than 45 projects from its foundation, and its partners have strong financial and management experience, with over 20 years of experience in the market. The partners also act as entrepreneurs, with participation in selected companies in the engineering, real estate, incubator and startups sectors.

Leão Bravo has been operating in the mergers and acquisitions market since 2009, with extensive business experience as executives and consultants, together with the experience of its partners in the corporate market. The company already evaluates more than BRL 300 million in investments. Its partners have been operating in the market since 2003 and continue participating in the area of innovation, through initiatives with an important player in this segment of the market.

More information:
• Alexandre F. Nunes – Partner and Board Member. +55 41 99987-8010 –
• Jefferson H. Nesello – Managing Partner. +55 41 99248-3784 –
• Leonardo P. Grisotto – Managing Partner. +55 41 99677-1617 –

ZAXO M&A PARTNERS is the largest independent M&A boutique company in the southern region of Brazil. We combine proven experience, strong business background and a relevant track record in transactions. We have already carried out more than BRL 5 billion in financial operations of purchase, sales, mergers or investments and we provide our customers with senior and exclusive service, in addition to local proximity.

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